Thursday, March 10, 2011

Where have I been?

I know, I know...I've been rather quiet lately. The truth is, I've been rather busy.  Teaching, doing contract work, teaching, social events, teaching... oh, did I mention that I've been teaching?

The closing of Sew Crafty Houston has been a sad experience for me but also a chance for change. I still want to teach knitting classes but I do want a teensy little break. The last couple of months I have been running at breakneck speed.  Today was actually the first day in a long time that I did not have to be somewhere. How did I spend it? Take a look:

That's right. I spent the day on the couch with some sock yarn, some knitting needles and a box of tissues. The first day in what seemed like months that I didn't have to meet someone, go into an office, teach someone or run some sort of errand and I was SICK! At least I got some knitting done and caught up on the current season of Big Love.

I feel bad for my dogs. The weather was beautiful today and perfect for a nice long walk but they spent the entire day sleeping on the couch next to me.