Friday, November 26, 2010

It will take me a long time to decorate my walls

The last place I lived in was barely 1200 square feet (I know that to someone in New York that sounds ginormous but where I live it is near minuscule). It was a duplex that was built in 1927. My favorite part of that house was the lovely arch that separated the living room and the dining room/office.

There were no hallways. Each room had at least two doors so you would just move from room to room to room. All of the walls had a window or doorway so art space was at a premium. It was a little small for 2 people, 2 cats and a large dog but we loved it.  I also loved that I had it decorated just the way I wanted it after 9 years.

Last year my husband and I were able to buy our own place. I'm quite lucky and live in a fantastic downtown loft-like townhouse. I have some things that I always wanted like a lot of counter space, an attached garage, a dishwasher and a closet that I can walk into.

My empty living room walls
Another thing that I have that I never thought I would have trouble with is a huge amount of wall space. My living room alone has a 17' ceiling.

See that large photo of the Empire State Building in the first photo that almost took up an entire wall? It now looks like a postage stamp in my new place.

After years of decorating with tiny wall spaces I can't quite get out of the habit.

This is my latest little collection that sits at the bottom of the second floor staircase. I love collections of random photos and doodads.

The Beavis commented on my latest decorating attempt. He said, "...the pictures look nice but can we please start hanging up things that are larger than 5" x 7"?"

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