Monday, November 15, 2010

Quickie Cute Gifts

I absolutely love adding buttons to things. I have a pretty decent collection of buttons that partly comes from my grandma's stash and partly from my constant trips to craft and fabric stores.  My mom still has a couple of large tubs with thousands of buttons that I plan on kidnapping in the future (Mom, if you are reading this imagine me waving my hands in front of you in a disorienting manner. You didn't see anything!)

If you are lucky enough to have a button stash and need some quickie gifts I have the craft for you.  If you don't have a button stash you can pick up a small assorted bag of the lovelies from most craft stores.

Grab up some cheap frames or photo albums from the local discount shop (I raided Target but IKEA also has a nice selection of frames) and get to gluing some of those buttons on them. For the two items above I used hot glue but if you've been banned from using a hot glue gun then an all-purpose glue like E-6000 would work just as well.

Very cute. Very quick. Pretty cheap. 

If you are wondering why I mentioned being banned from using a hot glue gun it is because I may someday be banned from using one in my home. The Beavis (dear husband) banned me from candle making years ago after a rather unfortunate wax incident. I'll save the details for another post but let's just say that a large pot of vanilla scented wax caused The Beavis to spend an afternoon under the kitchen sink performing plumbing surgery. I've managed to keep from being banned from using my heat gun but I came pretty close to the edge when my old cat was covered in glitter and embossing powder.

Watch out for those heated craft tools my friends!

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